Foot Orthotics (Arch Supports)

Arch Support

Suffern Podiatry utilizes three different types of arch support for our patients: pre-fabricated arch supports, custom molded arch supports and custom foot orthotics.Podoscope, Foot Balance                                        Pre-fabricated arch supports are a product used to support painful flat feet or redistribute pressure under high-arch feet. They are pre-molded and generally can provide some rigid support. They can be used in many types of shoes, but usually not in a fashion shoe. Pre-molded arch supports often do not conform exactly to the shape of your foot. Pre-molded arch supports cost $49.

Computer analysisCustom made arch supports are molded directly to your foot in the office after performing a photographic analysis of your feet while standing. We utilize Scandanavian technology to create your custom molded arch supports which are made from a combination of rigid and cushioned materials.

The evaluation and molding take about 20 minutes and is usually performed during your regular appointment. Molding process Foot BalanceWe guarantee that you are comfortable with your custom molded arch supports before you leave the office. It is helpful if you have the shoes in which you will wear your new custom molded arch supports with you. Prices range from $95-$125.

Custom fabricated orthotics are a type of arch support made from a cast or mold of the patient’s feet. This cast is sent along with Dr. Friedman’s prescription to a laboratory to fabricate a custom made arch foot orthotic. The support is made from a plastic or fiberglass polymer and can often be designed to fit into fashion shoes, if needed. Additional pairs of orthotics can be crafted from the same mold, which is kept on file in digital format. The process takes about two weeks and the price is $395. Insurance may but usually does not cover this.