Foot Orthotics (Arch Supports)

Arch Support

Suffern Podiatry dispenses different types of arch supports for our patients. The doctor may suggest one of several types of pre-fabricated arch supports for immediate use that we dispense in the office. Custom fabricated orthotics are made from a cast or mold of the patient’s feet. This cast is sent along with Dr. Friedman’s prescription to a laboratory to fabricate a custom made arch foot orthotic. The device is made from a plastic or fiberglass polymer or leather and cork or EVA and has various additions, or posts, and other modifications such as pads or cushioned coverings specific to each patient’s condition and will be designed to fit into the type of footwear needed to meet the patient’s needs. Insurance sometimes cover the cost of pre-fabricated or custom foot orthotics but not always. However, appropriate arch supports when needed are an investment that lasts for years.