Nail fungus testing service.

If you are concerned that you may have developed a fungal nail infection affecting one or more of your toenails, you can confirm your suspicion with a laboratory test that will analyze a specimen of your nail after treating it with a special stain and inspecting the sample under high-power magnification.

We will send you a collection bag to collect the sample. Clean the nail or nails to be tested with 70% alcohol and submit the largest sample of nail you can comfortably clip. Submit samples from more than one nail if multiple nails are involved. Place the nail sample directly in the collection bag. Fill out your insurance information on the included lab requisition sheet and place the collection bag and test order sheet in the enclosed postage paid envelope.  Mail the sample directly to the lab. We will notify you of your results after we review your laboratory report, confirming either the presence or absence of nail fungus, called onychomycosis.

If you do have onychomycosis you can discuss treatment options with a local podiatrist.

The lab testing is covered by most health insurance. Our processing fee for handling your specimen, conveying it to the lab and returning your results to you is $14.95, payable by credit card.

To request a testing kit please contact us at, with the subject line ‘nail testing kit’. Please include your mailing address.


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