Bunion Surgery

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Bunion or hammertoe deformities can be corrected using state-of-the-art surgical techniques. The surgery is performed as out-patient surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital.  Most patients will receive a special healing sandal to wear after their surgery, and can usually walk, sometimes with the aid of a cane or crutch, on their foot the day after surgery.

A bunion describes a painful ‘bump’at the base of the great toe caused as the big toe drifts toward the second toe. This ‘bump’ sometimes gets very red and painful after wearing narrow shoes. Many times, a bunion deformity is hereditary and does not come from wearing tight shoes, although narrow toe shoes can make the problem worse.

Bunion surgery involves cutting and resetting a bone called the metatarsal and maintaining that position with a bone screw. This procedure reduces or eliminates the ‘bump’ and helps the great toe remain straight. Healing requires about six weeks. During that time patients can usually walk in a special surgical shoe. Swelling of the foot after surgery however, can sometimes take a few months to resolve. Most patients can get back into a soft shoe, such as a sneaker, within 4-6 weeks. Returning to wear ¬†dress shoes may require several months.