Straight ahead…



Walking and running are straight ahead activities. The path can twist and turn but the body  follows the eyes’ line of sight. Look ahead walk ahead. Look up the hill run up the hill.

Chaos is the antithesis. Run here than there. Turn. Stop. Spin around and go back. Left or right? No order.

And so chaos at the end of a marathon is the cruelest irony. A marathon is one of the signature straight-ahead events. 26.2 miles of straight ahead. A turn here or there for sure. The runner runs straight ahead to the finish line.

The collision of straight ahead and chaos which erupted in Boston this week will echo into the future. The collision of the stillness of the night and the quaking of the ground, fire, destruction and mayhem in West, Texas this week will echo well into the future.

But as a community and as individuals we will continue to walk and run.

Straight ahead.