Running – from or to…

The act of running is quite natural. Almost all biped and quadruped animals do it. In the quadruped world though, running is a necessity. Hunting. Think cheetah, running in a burst of speed to kill its prey. Hunted. Think Thompson’s Gazelle, running, leaping really, to stay alive.

Adam Campbell
Canadian Trail Runner Adam Campbell

When we see an animal running at top speed we might remark that it is “flying”. Running and flying do share something in common – no contact with the ground. In flying a bird has no contact for long periods of time. In running the flight is momentary, the fraction of time in which both feet are flying above the ground, contacting it again briefly and than soaring again. In walking at least one foot is in contact with the ground at any moment.

Humans do not have to run for survival. Yet some feel they could not survive without it. Are they running from? What are they running to?

Spend six minutes finding out in a film with out speaking but at times filled with noise about a runner who runs to save his soul: Silence